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.Spooky.Wizard. .Spooky.Wizard.

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Skellitor301 sez:

hi big, nice on the bandalf spooky wizard.

Earthrise - Garden Spider Earthrise - Garden Spider

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Sounds fun, do you know where I can find a download?

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JoeandTom responds:

Because it's such an old game theres a couple steps to get it to work (well for me there was):

at the bottom is a link to the download

If you can't get it started just download DOSBox v.73, extract the game .zip file to C:\earthrise, start up DOSBox, type 'mount c c:\', then type 'c:\' then 'earthrise' and it should start up!

Weapon Collection Weapon Collection

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These weapons are Awesome! They do look like the are from Adventure quest though, but thats probably just me. :3

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